Healthcare Purchasing Usability Evaluation

Making an InformedChoice™

Choosing a new technology – whether an EHR, nurse call system, IV pump, or electrosurgical generator – can be an overwhelming task. Vendors give slick presentations and product demonstrations, then leave you with a list of features, benefits, and prices. Given healthcare’s current financial challenges, the easiest choice is often the least expensive option that provides the required functionality. If the technology is not user-friendly, however, it may cost you dearly in the long run in terms of lost productivity, training, and decreased patient satisfaction. Let us help you make an informed choice.


Purchase Process Mapping & Evaluation

On-site consultation (2-4 hours) to map and discuss current procurement process for one or more technologies.

Deliverable: Real-time feedback regarding purchase criteria and stakeholder involvement. Recommendations for increasing clinician and staff engagement in procurement decisions and for additional questions to ask vendors.


Product Evaluation

Expert review of a product against 14 standard usability criteria for medical devices by a team of two or more healthcare usability experts.

Deliverable:  Written evaluation including scores for each criterion and translation of scores into potential operational implications of product use.


Comparative Product Review

Expert review of multiple products against 14 standard usability criteria for medical devices by a team of two or more healthcare usability experts.

Deliverable: Written evaluation including side-by-side scoring of the products on each criterion and translation of the comparative scores into operational implications of choosing each product.


On-Site Usability Evaluation

Structured hands-on testing of one or more products by facility employees. Researchers design and facilitate the testing process, gather data during the test sessions, and analyze the results. Metrics collected include time to complete and success/failure rates for key tasks.

Deliverable:  Written summary of both qualitative and quantitative findings plus trade-off recommendations to guide purchase decision.

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