Our Process

4 gears

Before a productive design phase can begin, understanding and innovation activities should be performed.


Our Team

Our top-notch team is skilled, dedicated and responsive. Check out their credentials – they’re hard to beat.   More…





A sage company with experience and integrity

Sage Research & Design was founded in 1996 with the simple goal of making our clients’ products simple, productive and delightful.  For nearly two decades  we’ve had the pleasure of helping our numerous clients do just that.

We believe in…

Excellent work at a fair price

We’ve kept our business streamlined and simple to keep costs down for you. Our low overhead costs keep our invoices from breaking your budget.

Experienced principles doing the work, not junior employees

We don’t farm out the work to less experienced sub-contractors; with us, what you get is what you see.

Being flexible

Projects and goals change, so can the Statement of Work once work has begun.

Frequent updates

We present our work and solicit feedback often.

Client satisfaction

We’ll do everything in our power to make your project a success and leave you wanting more!