We’ve been around the block a few times!

From fortune 500s to smart energy start-ups to medical device manufacturers to non-profit environmental organizations, we’ve had a wide variety of clients and worked on all sorts of products.  We’ve seen it all!


“Shannon is an amazing usability and overall user experience consultant. She is extremely professional, detail oriented and a great team player. Whether you are interested in qualitative or quantitative data – Shannon can gauge the project and your needs and make sure you obtain all the information you need along with a tactical way to move forward on making your product a success.”

Skye Lee
Sr. UX Manager, Netflix Inc.

“It was a wonderful experience working with Shannon. She took on a challenging project for us with an uncertain outcome. Her research expertise resulted in a final product that far exceeded my expectations.  The creativity and customer focus Shannon brought to my project was impressive! I look forward to working with her again.”

Elissa Darnell
Director of User Experience, eBay, Inc.


Examples of our Work

Check out these 3 ways of seeing our work:

1. Case Studies

A high-level walkthough of 4 fun client projects.

case study montage

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2. Example Deliverables

Usability Study Report (pdf)
Online Survey Results Report (pdf)
Expert Review Presentation (pdf)
Wirefames w/ annotations (pdf)

3. Our Portfolio

Our portfolio which provides more more detailed examples of our work is available upon request.  Contact us.