Case Studies

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 operating room

Complex Medical Device UI

In this example, Sage Research & Design was hired as a sub-contractor to create the user interface design of a medical application used to program a medical device surgically implanted in patients. This is a very complicated tool used by several different types of users (surgeons, customer representatives, and clinicians) in very different environments such as in the operating room, during post-op recovery, and during clinic visits.

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The Florida Bar website

Large Information Website

The Florida Bar has an enormous website which provides content and services to its members, those in the legal profession and the public. They hired Sage Research & Design to help improve the user experience of their website and help ensure that they were fully accessible to all users including mobile and disabled users.

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mobile case study

Mobile e-Commerce Website

Our client was a successful start-up providing a web application selling mobile services   When we came on board they had over 10 million members but not enough were upgrading from their free service.  The product team knew they had user experience issues, but couldn’t articulate what they were or figure out how to eliminate them.

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Smart Energy Product Suite

Our client was a start-up creating a family of hardware & software products for monitoring household energy consumption.  Their in-home products would be used by broad user groups and they knew that their customers’ user experience was going to make or break them.

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