Case Studies:  1. Complex Medical Device UI  2. Mobile eCommerce Website   3. Large Information Website  4. Smart Energy Product Suite

Mobile eCommerce Website Case Study

Our client was a successful start-up providing a web application selling mobile services   When we came on board they had over 10 million members but not enough were upgrading from their free service.  The product team knew they had user experience issues, but couldn’t articulate what they were or figure out how to eliminate them.

The Challenges

•  Low budget
•  Fast turn-around needed
•  Little to no user experience activities performed at time of engagement
•  The service provided by the application appeared similar to one most users were familiar with, but in reality, it was quite different

What We Did


1. Blind Usability Review

•  Evaluated the true new user experience by performing a usability review with little product or company introduction
•  Evaluated web site messaging effectiveness
•  Delivered top level user experience issues


2. Developed Design Change Recommendations

•  After being fully briefed on company and product goals, developed and delivered design change recommendations
 Prioritized recommendations
•  Worked with team to fully understand the recommendations


3. Wireframe Key User Interaction Flows

•  New interaction flows designed based on usability review findings & design recommendations
•  Key marketing messages integrated into design
•  Designs reiterated and co-designed with the product team


4. As Needed Consultation

•  Art direction & visual design
•  Interaction design
•  Marketing messages
•  Management and training of junior team members

The Result

•  An Improved User Experience
•  Users are now provided with more introduction and instruction about this new, revolutionary phone technology to increase immediate understanding and interest
•  The product team learned how to look at their product differently – through the eyes of a user new to their product

• A Satisfied Client

“Thank you … for taking us as a client. You have helped raise our understanding and expectations for a good user experience, and gave us a great design that will get us there.”

Chung Meng Cheong, VP of Products, Jaxtr, Inc


Case Studies:  1. Complex Medical Device UI  2. Mobile eCommerce Website   3. Large Information Website  4. Smart Energy Product Suite