Our clients come to us because they have questions.  Our Toolkit of User Experience / Human Factors Services will find your answers.


• How can we make our product simple, intuitive and safe?
• How can we design a product that meets FDA and AAMI guidelines and standards?
• How do we conduct Human Factors research that is compliant with ANSI/AAMI 62366?
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• How can can we ensure we’re purchasing easy to use technology?
• How can we increase patient safety and decrease staff frustration?
• What questions should we ask vendors about usability before we purchase?
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• Can customers easily use our product on the go?
• How can we keep our customers satisfied and loyal?
• How can we go beyond providing basic features and create a memorable, delightful user experience?
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• What, exactly, do users mean when they say our product is “hard to use”?
• How can we keep our competitive feature set, but still be intuitive?
• What do our customers really want and need?
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